Marshall Amp Head Flight Case

Flight case for Marshall amp - full professional touring spec

Flight Case Description

Marshall Amp Flight Case

First we have to start with a little about Jim, James Charles Marshall OBE, known as The Father of Loud or The Lord of Loud, an English pioneer of guitar amplification. His company, Marshall Amplification, created backline equipment that is used by many of the biggest names in rock music. In 2003 Jim was awarded an OBE at Buckingham Palace for "services to the music industry and to charity".
Sadly, Jim passed away on the 5th April 2012 (aged 88), but the legend of The Father of Loud lives on though, appearing on thousands of stages around the world today.

I produced my first Marshall head flight case for AC/DC when they arrived in the UK playing at a pub, the Nags Head in High Wycombe and going on to supply them thousands of flight cases over the following years.

Marshall Amps, a main stay of the Rock’n’Roll industry and probably the most requested flight case.
Marshall amp head cases have been supplied as singles, doubles, triples and even a flight case to hold four marshall heads.

Marshall Head Flight Case
Professional Quality Flight Case - Continuous Touring Spec
10mm Birch Panel Construction
Customer's Colour Choice
Supplied in Single or Double formats
Full Colour UV Logo Printing Available
3D Unique Aircraft Quality Double Sided Aluminium Extrusions
Aluminium Edge Extrusion Riveted Every 100mm
Large Heavy Duty Recessed Catches
Large Heavy Duty Recessed Handles - 150Kg carrying capacity each
2.5mm Steel Bull-nose Corners
Hinged Top Lid

3D Cases offer professional flight cases for all Marshall Amps including:

  • Marshall Origin
  • Marshall Origin5
  • Marshall Origin20C
  • Marshall Origin20H
  • Marshall Origin50C
  • Marshall Origin50H
  • Marshall DSL1C
  • Marshall DSL1H
  • Marshall DSL5C
  • Marshall DSL20C
  • Marshall DSL20C
  • Marshall DSL20H
  • Marshall DSL40
  • Marshall DSL100
  • Marshall JVM205C
  • Marshall JVM205H
  • Marshall JVM210C
  • Marshall JVM210H
  • Marshall JVM215
  • Marshall JVM410C
  • Marshall JVM410H
  • Marshall JVM410HJS
  • Marshall CODE25
  • Marshall CODE50
  • Marshall CODE100
  • Marshall CODE100H
  • Marshall MG Gold
  • Marshall MG10
  • Marshall MG15
  • Marshall MG15R
  • Marshall MG15FX
  • Marshall MG30FX
  • Marshall MG50FX
  • Marshall MG100HFX
  • Marshall MG101FX
  • Marshall MG102FX
  • Marshall Acoustic
  • Marshall AS50D
  • Marshall AS100D
  • Marshall Handwired
  • Marshall 1974X
  • Marshall 1959HW
  • Marshall Vintage Reissues
  • Marshall 2555X
  • Marshall 1987X
  • Marshall JTM45 2245
  • Marshall JCM800 2203
  • Marshall JCM900 4100
  • Marshall 1962 Blues Breaker

3D Cases also offer professional flight cases for all Marshall Speaker Cabs including:

  • Marshall 1974CX
  • Marshall 1936V
  • Marshall 2551AV
  • Marshall 2551BV
  • Marshall 1960AX
  • Marshall 1960BX
  • Marshall 1960AV
  • Marshall 1960BV
  • Marshall 1960AHW
  • Marshall 1960BHW
  • Marshall 1960TV
  • Marshall MX112
  • Marshall 2536
  • Marshall 2536A
  • Marshall CODE212
  • Marshall CODE412
  • Marshall MG412A
  • Marshall MG412B
  • Marshall 1960A
  • Marshall 1960B
  • Marshall MX412A
  • Marshall MX412B

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